Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Chocolate Crepes

Protein crepes are pretty common in the fitness/healthy eating worlds. You can find recipes and versions all over the place.  I'm not claiming to be the inventor of protein crepes, I just want to share with you all  some of my favourite protein snacks because hey, not everyone has been at this forever and might not know about some of these tasty treats!

Protein crepes; Incredibly simple, very versatile, and oh so yummy!

Start with 1/3 cup of egg whites and one scoop of protein powder.  I like to use chocolate for my crepes but any flavour you have works well.  Whisk this together well, add a pinch of cinnamon if you choose and that's it!

Add a little olive oil to a well heated pan (medium heat) and pour in your crepe batter.  I like to swirl my pan around to spread my mixture and be sure the crepe cooks evenly.  Let your crepe cook all the way through before flipping (kinda like an omelette).  This takes about a minute.  Flip and let cook on the other side for only 10-15 seconds.

Now is the fun part! Fill your crepe with whatever you like!  Tonight I chose to fill mine with peanut butter, half a banana, strawberries and blueberries.  I also like to top with fat free whipped cream but didn't have any.  This is also a good place to use protein "syrup" to drizzle over your dessert.  

Closer to a competition I will still eat these crepes but will usually spread just a tbsp of PB on top. 


  1. That looks delish! I will be making them :)

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